We offer training specific to wraparound, as well as training that can be applied to a variety of human services. A (w) indicates a wraparound /WISe specific training


 Strengths, Needs and Cultural Discovery: Why a Narrative of Resourcefulness is Important for Families 

Kennewick, WA: TBA

Goal: To introduce behavioral health workers to a powerful tool used in the wraparound process and how it can be applied in any person-centered work. Training will provide an understanding of how this document sets the stage for empowering families to create their own success. Presenters will discuss how culture extends beyond race and ethnicity and how leveraging strengths is the most effective means for addressing unmet needs. The Strengths, Needs and Cultural Discovery explores the family’s history of solution-finding and transforms challenges into a balanced context. Training will include role play and other experiential activities. Experienced staff will also be present to offer support and feedback.

Support Planning: Understanding Crisis in Context  

Kennewick, WA: TBA

Goal: To help behavioral health workers understand how to maintain safety and provide support to youth with extreme or persistent behavioral challenges. Trainers will share techniques for anticipating problems by collecting data to identify behavior patterns by clarifying relevant behavior-environment interactions. Training will cover de-escalation, short-term response and developing plans to reduce or eliminate crisis in the future. Training will feature hands-on practice with real-world examples. Experienced staff and coaches will be available to offer support and feedback.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Implications and Supportive Interventions 

Kennewick, WA: TBA 

(This is a 5-7pm evening session, so parents can attend.)

Goal: To provide learners with an overview of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). Topics will include prevalence, primary and secondary challenges, risk factors, and common behavioral challenges. Learners will discover new ideas for designing interventions for alcohol-affected youth and their families. Clinicians and family members with experience in FASDs will be present to offer support and feedback.

(w) Peer Supports in Action: I’m Peer Certified…So Now What?

Kennewick, WA: January 9-10, 2019- Click here to register 

Goal:  To help Family and Youth Peer Supports in WISe and wraparound understand how their contribution influences the child and family team process, and ultimately, the family’s successful transition from formal services. Learners will reflect on their lived experience, and practice sharing their personal stories for maximum impact.  The training will explore how peer supports help build a bridge between families and other service providers, and how they can assist the family in enhancing their skills for self-advocacy. Experienced peer supports will be on hand to provide support and feedback.

(w) Wraparound Facilitation I: A Guide to Effective Child and Family Team Practice

Kennewick, WA: November 28-29, 2018 – Click here to register

Goal: To help new and more experienced care coordinators in WISe and wraparound understand how to engage youth, families and allied system partners in an ongoing process to address unmet needs by leveraging strengths and other resources. Topics will include strengths and needs discovery, behavior analysis, individualized plan development, data-driven plan refinement and conflict and barriers resolution. Also useful for Program Managers to understand the skills and expectations care coordinators use in facilitating the wraparound process. Training will feature round-robin facilitation and other experiential activities. Experienced care coordinators and coaches will be on hand to offer support and feedback. 

 Skill-Based Interventions: Creating Lasting Change 

Kennewick, WA: January 24, 2019 – Click here to register

Goal: To reinforce the theory that youth with behavioral challenges lack the skills to do better. Staff or teams can partner with youth using creative, “outside the box” interventions to build and enhance these skills. Trainers will discuss how the 3 Rivers WISe program has utilized behavior intervention staff to support child and family teams in promoting long-lasting change through skill-based interventions. Training will feature hands-on practice with real-world examples. Experienced staff will be present to offer support and feedback.

WISe 2-Day Training

Kennewick, WA: December 12-13, 2018 – Click here to register

This 2-day, in-person training provides an in-depth look at Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe) for WISe practitioners (WISe Mental Health Clinicians, Supervisors, Family Partners, Youth Partners, and Care Coordinators). System partners are encouraged to attend. Washington State’s WISe program provides comprehensive behavioral health services and supports to Medicaid-eligible youth, up to 21 years of age, with complex behavioral health needs. WISe is designed to provide individualized services that keep youth with intense mental health needs safe in their own homes and communities.

Instructions for online training before the two-day training will be sent to all those that register